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What is the concept of latent heat?

I would be glad if you answer this … My children have a project and I need the answer … they do not have an account

It is the energy will phase change. An example would be the boiling water. Pure water end at 100 degrees C and even if you continue on the stove there is no hotter heat. Instead, this energy is involved in the change phase of water from liquid to gas. Even if the vapor condenses on something that all the latent heat is released, that his going from a gas to a liquid. So much heat is released as steam burns worse than hot water. Hope this was helpful.

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Pool Products Online

pool products online
If you buy this product my hair?

I'm going on a cruise next month. I wanted to find a hair product hair moisture protects and my complaint without it. I'm going to go in the pool and the ocean, in addition to the heat and sun. I was thinking of buying this product: It http://www.folica.com/hair-care/hair-treatments/davines-well-being-shelter-ph-five-five not many online reviews, so I'm not sure if I should give it try. What do you think?

I think I would if I you. He says it protects everything you mentioned.

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Adjusting Pool Chemicals Baking Soda

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Pool Chemicals – tips and tricks?

This is my first year with a pool. I heard some people tell me how some common household items can save products instead of expensive pool! For example, I told this person baking powder (or powder, I forgot), the pH value can be set (I remember whether the up or down). No matter anyway, my question is, is there any other basic household items that can be used for pool chemicals. I thought Bleach can, for example, probably be a suitable substitute for chlorine. Think about it, bleach and chlorine are quite similar, and both kill bacteria. Well, the dose should be the first thought. Chlorine is a very powerful technique, not to say it is unsafe, a splash of bleach instead!

Borax, baking soda and bleaching agents may all be used … Baking soda increases the pH value but also alkilinity …. Heres a link to the information pool and answers … especially equipment related subjects, but not chemically http://www.swimming-pool-information.com/index.html

Ic Fantasia Heat Protector Serum

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Fantasia IC Polisher can ning straight heat protection for hair straightening serum?

Can it help ur hair is law?

Some details and tips * Protects against damages caused by tools * Maintains heat: to answer for your question * with silicone, aloe vera, vitamin E and sunscreen enriched Details hot heat styled hair healthy and damage * Smooths hair from heat and eliminates flyaways for preventing the times when you heat to your hair, always ensure To ensure, protect them, to prevent damage and breakage. This heat shield creates a barrier between the heater and hair you can style without fear of serious harm add. It adds shine and moisturizes your hair without a greasy residue or heavy build. Keep this serum in addition to the style heating. Tips Use: For use to achieve with iron, hair dryer and heat-units to form a smooth, straight hair look. Comments: * Benefits can be wet or dry Hair before application to make use of heat. (1) * cheap (1) * unravels the wet hair (1) * is working hard assets (1) * does what it says (1) * get smooth Hair (1) * glitters … (1) * Less frizz … (1) * goes too far (1) * protecting the hair against heat damage (1) * Cons a few dollars cheaper (1) Not * could take all day … Fat * (1) (1) * Fat .. (1) * not * Heavy (1) (1) Not at all * (1) * Other brands with similar products affordable Price * (1) * A bit expensive sprays (1) are easier to use, but only for a serum (1) Hope that helps!

Sexy Voluminous Hair w/ Hot Rollers