Heat Protection Material

heat protection material
Two short multiple-choice questions on chemical electrolysis?

I'm homeschooled and take an online course biochemistry, and I'm stuck on these 2 questions and have no one to help me: [advice? 1. if a solution is subjected to toxic metal ions, electrolytes, metal ions will be ________ for removal. AB Fusion Fusion redox CD 2 Which process is not an application of electrolysis? A. Separation of metals from their ores as corrosion protection by surface coating C. Disposal of waste materials D. Heat and light

Metal ions 1.C.reduction means that, in oxidized form as metals always form ions by the loss of electrons should be reduced to them in a way to convert the precipitated solid …… 2.C.disposal waste

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Supplies

swimming pool chemicals supplies
what would happen if a glass of lemonade spilled in a pool …?

Do you think you could recognize the lemonade …….. Using the Answer, what could happen if Witch toxic chemicals were in a lake dummped DRWs a city's own water resources?

I would say you would not able to recognize lemonade swim in the pool. Because there are no living organisms (other than Alge) and the lemonade is not particularly dangerous because it is not a biological reaction on the lemonade. But the toxic chemicals that are discharged into lakes, rivers and so generally tend oils such as gasoline and motor oil are swimming these substances out of the water so that it easy to identify. toxic chemicals that dissolve in water are harmful to life in abundance in rivers and lakes, so it is easily recognized Chemicals because of dead or wounded bodies.

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