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ZOGGS Swimwear Products

The ZOGGS range of swimwear, swimming aids and equipment are specially designed to give you the best swimming experience and also make you feel secure as they offer plenty of safety features.

All these products encompass a wide range of impressive features suitable for all genders, age, and size. In a nutshell, there is everything for everyone.

The company offers one-piece swimwear and goggles, and they are available on DDW at


ZOGGS one-piece swimwear products are constructed by use of premium quality materials to ensure a secure and comfortable swim. The commonly used materials include Aqualast, Litefit, Elastomax, and Hydrolife. They also come in a wide selection of beautiful colors including Orange, Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow, White, Red, Turquoise, Purple, Navy, Yellow, Fuchsia, Grey, Jade, Green, and Multi-print.

They come in a wide range of sizes, colors and design. No matter the size or shape of your body, you will find something that will fit you perfectly.

Features and Advantages

ZOGGS one-piece swimsuits are perfectly developed to flatter, enhance, and support the body- which is exactly what they were designed to do. They come with a wide range of features that are purposely meant to make you look and feel great, regardless of your size, height, weight, or body shape.

Bust Features and Advantages

· Full Foam Cups

The swimsuits feature full foam cups that are intended to accommodate your bust shape and also provide maximum support while swimming.

· Removable Cups

These swimsuits have removable cups that allow you to add or remove the fabric inserted for optional light support and shaping. They are also suitable for post-mastectomy as they are perfectly designed to allow prosthesis foam to be inserted into the breast pocket.

· Underwired

The swimsuit bra tops have underwired cups for secure support and extra lift.

· Shelf Bra

The shelf bra on the swim suits flatters the size of your bust and provides a supportive fit

· Adjustable Straps

The straps can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit.

· Structured Suit

The structures suit is specially designed for women with a fuller bust to fit cup sizes D and F.

· Cup-sized

The suits come in a variety of cup sizes for women with fuller busts-D, DD, E, EE, F, FF, and G.

Tummy, Bum, and Leg Features and Advantages

· Tummy Control

This feature provides extra support for those with flat tummies to avoid a “saggy-like” look.

· Adequate Length

The length of the swimwear provides a comfortable fit for those with longer torsos.

· Maternity

They make perfect swimwear for pregnant women as they provide a flattering shape and offer great support to the bulging tummy while swimming.

· Booty Suit

ZOGGS one-piece swimsuits are constructed with a Booty Suit to give a lift and support to the bum.

· Leg Heights

The suits come in different leg height options including low, medium, and high-cut.


ZOGGS one-piece goggles incorporate great features and a myriad of benefits to give you clear visibility while underwater and a comfortable swim. They are also stylish and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. These goggles come with a strong and durable frame for long term use.


· Lens Type

There are different lens options when it comes to choosing ZOGGS goggles. Whether you are taking swimming lessons or just want to have fun, you can choose goggles with clear, colour-tinted, smoke, and hologram lenses. These lenses provide a clear vision regardless of the weather conditions as they amplify light in the dark and reduce glare in sunny conditions.

· Strap

The one-piece goggles come with easy to adjust straps. The straps are either split or double-banded for great flexibility and perfect fit.

· UV Protection

All one-piece goggles have UV protection that is important when it comes to shielding your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. They feature UV36 and UV40 protection that blocks out 99%-100% of UVA and UVB rays, ensuring safety while swimming.

· Anti-fog Fogbuster

The Fogbuster anti-fog in the goggles is specially designed to offer consistent moisture control and clear vision for a stress-free swim.

· Hypo-Allergenic design

The one-piece goggles come with a hypo-allergenic Soft-Seal frame that moulds perfectly to your facial contours, giving you a good fit and softness for maximum comfort.

ZOGGS products are designed with convenience, sophistication and comfort in mind. They are a perfect fit for everyone across the board.

How To Cater A Pool Party

So it’s summertime the kids are home from uni and everybody just wants to relax about the pool and take it easy. Life is stressful enough already so grab a favourite bevy and head poolside.

iStock_000016766234XSmallIf you’re in the party mood or maybe you have a function planned over the warmer months, then it’s high time you thought about getting the right team of folks to come and take care of the finer details of everything from party planning, food catering, staff hire and party clean up. There is a lot that goes into a successful function, and you want to make sure that you get it right.

Choosing the wrong catering companies Sydney has to offer can spell disaster for the big day or night as it may be. Don’t let the influence of cost come into the equation, as it is so easy to shop around based on price alone. I mean, do you really want to have a good party and see everyone catered well, or do you want to save a few pennies?

I know what I want to achieve and that is peace of mind that we are all going to enjoy the festivities and be relaxed, not stressed out.

So what can go wrong when hiring the wrong catering team? Well here is a list of potential pitfalls to watch out for: