Cheap Swimming Pool Chemicals

cheap swimming pool chemicals
Can I mix different brands of chemicals for my above ground pool?

My family had an above ground pool for 3 years. I've always purchased chemicals (chlorine pool) from the pool shop because it was convenient. Take the sample pool you sell what you need (and probably more). My sister-in-law used Chemicals and Wal-Mart has never had a problem with them. Where Does anyone know if I can start with the brand outside of the law? I am using chemicals and I only want without tricks expensive start. They are so much cheaper … I save $ $ $, wherever I can. Thank you for any advice.

If you were to use with chlorine on. Independent Brand you buy. Store-Sales-pool will try to convince you to use their brands, but chlorine is … Chlorine. The cheaper brands work just as good as more expensive. Make Sure to follow the instructions on the package. For more information on pool maintenance check site

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