Cheap Winter Pool Covers

cheap winter pool covers
Try opening a thick green pool, how do I get rid of evil?

I took my winter cover and found they have a good group of thick green. I started draining the water, I thought I'd do a water change 50% before the opening. I have not connected the pump when the water is lower than the dose. I wondered if I might add while I'm emptying liquid chlorine to help soup up nasty green power. And as I begin to fill the pool back up You can add more chlorine. Is there a better way to get this group to its normal color? Please help.

Yes, you can add liquid chlorine as a filler, but not leaking. You would lose much chlorine money for the drainage of wastewater. You can not get to the part of drainage. You can cross a green pool in less a week if the water is in balance and maintain chlorine residual 3.0 or higher with regular cleaning of the filter. Since you had to leave plenty of water, you should add some stabilizer to the pool most likely. Take a test and be able to help there. In addition, adding a Algaecide is a good time will do wonders polyquat technical assistance and are pH balanced. It is expensive but works better than copper algaecide cheaper basis.