Hayward Pool Heater Reviews

Hayward Pool Heater Reviews

When it comes to heating your pool or spa there really are only 3 big players in the game. Hayward Pool Heaters are respected as the finest available. Whether you are heating a hot tub or spa, swimming pool or lap pool, you can’t really go past Hayward as the premium supplier. This is the pool heater that is going to give you 10 years of fantastic service.

Hayward Universal H Series 150K BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater -( H150FDN , Hayward )
But before you make that all important purchasing decision, it is probably best that you weigh up the pro’s and con’s.


  1. easy installation with CPVC
  2. fast delivery – free shipping
  3. heats up spa’s very quickly – 16 minutes – saving on running it all the time
  4. patent-pending heat exchanger design
  5. quicker heating without condensation
  6. crafted from the extremely durable Eugeonx steel alloy
  7. Water path is rust resistant ensuring extended life of unit
  8. heat exchanger protected with tough Cupro Nickel ensuring greater durability and lifetime even in salt water pools or high flowing or aggressive water (hard water) areas
  9. 10 year warranty on the polymer header unit
  10. One year warranty on parts
  11. Five year warranty on the fire tiles


  1. The only con I could find amongst users reviews was that they can be a bit noisy

Most people found the best deals online for the Hayward Pool Heaters – better by a few hundred dollars in most cases than the price the pool shop guy will sell it to you for. They are available in both natural gas and propane models and are the ideal unit to heat either a spa (150K BTU models) to large swimming pools (400K BTU models). To find out more just visit the online store, and the ship for free too!

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