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What’s the difference between grill- & convection-function in a microwave, is grill function = crispyer?

What’s the difference between grill-function and convection-function in a microwave or minioven, does fx. a chicken get crispy with grill function, but not with convection

I know convection is said by pros to be the best function when making pizza, and when I do my pizza with convection it does get crispy, so what the f*** is it that the grill-function does different/better?

is top/bottom heat = grill function? I’m lost, please help!
So what would yall say… is top/bottom heat = grill function?

best i can guess is that the grill function is radiant heat from underneath…and the convection function must employ a fan of some sort…it allows the heat to move which “cooks” the food much faster and helps dry out the moisture of food so that things can crisp up…its like alton brown says about eating ice cream cones…if you try to eat one on a hot day, standing in one place, its no problem, but if you try to eat one on a cooler day in a moving car with the windows open it is almost impossible to eat it before it melts all over you.

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