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heat pro parts
In search of advice about heat pumps?

My old gas oven set up this year and I want to replace it with a Heat Pump Backup natural gas furnace. I wanted the advantages and disadvantages, and all the experiences you can have good or bad with different models, and others. How much could I expect, Parts and labor pay?

woa do not know what was all that on the previous post, but that's not the type of heat pump, I think you're talking about. Heat pumps for heating are ok, they are not as good as a gas stove for a few reasons to run a heat pump with the compressor for cooling, but by reversing the refrigerant cycle, the outdoor coil is the "evaporation" and the indoor coil of the "capacitor" if you live in cold climates Outside air is not really warm enough to get to the refrigerant much heat, you'll also stated that a compressor amp draws much more than the operation a furnace, electricity is more expensive than natural gas from its less efficient energy heating. there are a few components in the device because they do not as a diverter valve and a pair of check valves could have, they control the direction of refrigerant flow depending on whether you heat with or cool, they fail from time to time and can damage compressors, if they do, if nothing is done. I just read York International is releasing a hybrid device decided to do this, what do you take a look in Not details, it might be what you are looking for.

8-14-10 Beech Ridge Pro Series Heat #2