Heat Program Ny

heat program ny
Do you think we can survive on this income (we want to move out)?

I just quit my job to do a 1 month training program. I have a side job that pays about $50/week. Within 6 months I will be employed again. My husband has a job that pays about $350/week. We have a dog as well. We were living with his grandfather to help him out but now he has a nurse so we would like to find our own place. We live in upstate NY which can be pretty expensive but we found a 1 bedroom that costs $800/month and a large studio that costs $650/month. Both apartments include heat and hot water.

What do you think?
Oh sorry. $350/week is after taxes. I will be making probably about $450/week after taxes when I finish.
I forgot to add that before I quit my job I put away a few thousand dollars in the bank.
Thanks guys. I think I am going to wait but to tell you the truth we are not really getting along that well with the live-in nurse. That is pressing us to find a place to live sooner. I just dont like feeling uncomfortable in my own home.

Don’t press your luck and live with no cushion. Wait 6 months until you get that job.

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