Heat Project

heat project
how to get a rheostats to create heat? project?

i want to heat a piece of metal up ( copper ) with a rhetostat. this is all home made with a small extension cord,120 v light dimmer. im using a thin metal to try and heat it up. is 120 v enough to heat it up or not enough? i figure no but cannot find out. and im using lots of safety percautions doing this .
i meant i know 120 v is enough but unsure. but i am not sure what you mean by issue is heat current. the powers there but there isnt enough current to get it there? well how can i a improve this? more metal? thicker wires? thinner wires?

This is a very dangerous experiment to heat up copper wire with 120V. And no body uses copper wire as heater. The dimmer blows right away because of overload.
You need Nickle chromium heater wire and the total resistance at least 30 ohm. Dimmer cannot handle more than 600 watts power.

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