Heat Protection Spray Redken

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Any tips on dealing with greasy lifeless hair?

I wash it every other day with shampoo and conditioner recommended to me by a hair dresser but it still gets all straggely and discusting even just a few hours after i’ve washed it and then blowdried it (using heat protection spray) .. it goes flat and into greasy clumps and at the same time I have loads of whispy dry bits flying all over the place -.-

these are the things the hairdresser recommended me and I bought btw – redken shampoo ‘nourishing care for dense/dry/sensitized hair’ and redken leave in conditioner ‘anti-snap leave in treatment for distressed hair’

I am thinking part of it is becaue I have long hair (few inches past shoulders) so I will probably get it cut shorter, any other tips on how to deal w/ greasy lifeless hair??

I know this sounds counter-intuitive but you should not was every other day. Try to wash every two or three days. When you wash your hair too often your scalp overproduces oils to make up for the ones washed away too often. The less you wash, the less oils you will have. But it takes a little while for the production to decrease. In the mean time use daily clarifying shampoos and conditioners, not the shampoos for dry hair (you don’t have dry hair). I would use Suave brand (cheap, but stylists secretly use it), and use baby powder to absorb the excess oils, just brush it in. Try to not use the extra styling sprays and leave-ins for a while to see if it helps. Good luck!

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