Heat Protector Straightening Serum

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when i straghten my hair do i put in the straightening serum in first or the heat protector in first?

also any tips to get shiny pin straight sleek hair? when i straghten mine it kinda stays puffy put its straight…just puffy. i have long layes and i have thick hair.

The straightening serum should go in while your hair is still damp. Rub it in between your palms until it emulsifies then work it into your hair from about 6 inches away from the scalp thru the ends.

Heat protectors have different instructions…some you spray on then iron while wet-others you blowdry before starting to iron. This should be the second step after the serum.

Have a look at your thermal protector. A lot of straightening serums have thermal protector in them, making the spray stuff unnecessary. I find when I use both it feels like there is too much product in my hair.

The key to sleek hair is this:
1. Your hair needs to be 100% DRY when you start to iron it. The iron is going to seal down the outer layer of the hair in one direction temporarily, this is what generates that shine and keeps humidity out.
2. Take as small of sections as you can when styling. Pin it up, and gradually take down 1/2″ sections, working from the base/root slowly thru the ends. Basically, the more time you take as far as working thru each piece the smoother it will be. You might want to find a good shine spray, at the end of your styling if you use one it will help lock in your style and keep humidity at bay.
3…Additionally, a good iron helps. If you’re usuing a super cheapy drugstore iron and you have a whole mess of thick hair, you need one that offers you higher performance. You want an iron that has ceramic plates, and gets hot evenly. Expect a good flat iron to cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 dollars. It’s worth it-the cheapy ones don’t heat evenly and can burn/damage your hair.

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