Inground Pool Maintenance Supplies

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when the shock of the pool?

We have been renting this year with a sub-floor pool … The pool was open to us by the owner and it is to maintain our duty … I took a water sample to our local pool store and they have been a lot of chemicals in the pool shock … Now keep people tell us we are the victim of fraud? The pool looks 10x better after putting the Chems, so I do not see how we've been cheated .. but I do not know about swimming pools … Water was dull, greenish color mericky in shock … why should a pool be shocked? What does the shock do? And there is something that I could do to fix our pool Water? … I keep getting mixed responses from ppl … I was told of the shock and now hold … and now that money was spent on chemicals, that I understood I did not blow, it had only chlorine … The pool was open last week with no maintenance until the weekend when I shocked … Did I something wrong? Have I cheated?

My uncle has a private swimming pool, and it seems that this is the best band I saw is held Evern. It shocked this weekend, it kills all bacteria and algae flora / And keep it clean and clear. Do not swim for a few days, though!

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