Intex Pool Chemicals Instructions

intex pool chemicals instructions
Pool ChemiCals…ConFused..Need Help?

Ok I just Bought a 12′ x 36″ Intex Pool..Didn’t come with any papers…..It also came with a Chemical kit including
Stabilized Chlorine Tablets…..Platinum Shock…..Concentrated Liquid Algeacide…Ph+ and a Dispenser To put the tabs in………….The pool holds 1722 gallons which is around 6518 litres………………..They also didnt come with any papers…….DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE THESE CHEMICALS? PLEASE HELP
Step by Step Instructions would be great….
I have already added the alge liquid into it….about 3 hours later I added 100 g of Shock …Then about 2 hours later I added the Dispenser with 3 tablets in it…..Is there anything else I need to do or anything I am doing wrong..Let me know

All instructions for the chemicals should be on each product. How much to use depends on the current chemical breakdown of the water. It is advisable to take a water sample up to your local pool and spa store regularly to be tested. You need to test the water regularly as well in between. 32 ounces should cover it. Make sure that the bottle or collection is clean (not an old bottle that used to hold chemicals). Write down what you have and how much you have at home to tell the pool guy at the store so you dont buy what you do not need. They will test the water and let you know what you need and how much to add.
But you do have a good array to start. There are additional chemicals that you may need, but the pool guy will let you know.
The tablets are usually inserted in a floating tablet container or in an online chloronator. You want to keep the chloronator filled and adjust it regularly depending on the needs of the pool. If you have an inline chloronator, turn off the pump before opening the lid. Never look directly in it, hold your head back you can potentially inhale chlorene and damage your lungs. If you have granular shock, do not pour it directly in the pool. You will bleech your liner. Use a dedicated bucket, dip it in the pool and pour the shock in there. Mix it with your pole(without anything attached) and pour it along the sides. Whenever you premix your dry chemicals, add the water first, then the chemical. Never put the chemical in first. Your algaecide can be poured in as well straight from the bottle, but more than likely in small doses. Your ph+ can also be broadcast with a dedicated scoop. I would wear rubber gloves for all of these for safety. Never pour chemicals directly in the skimmer as it can potentially clog your pipes and damage your system.

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