Keeping Pool Chemicals Balanced

keeping pool chemicals balanced
maintaining swimming pools?

just bought a house with a very small pool. can anyone explain the chemical needs, balances etc for keeping it clean and bug free please. I have small set for testing chemical levels but don’t know how to use it

Every pool, big or small, needs chlorine to sanitize your pool to be free of bacteria and germs etc. There are a variety of different types of chlorine – liquid, granules, and tablet form. Liquid and chlorine granules are commonly used for shock dosing. Tablets are slow dissolving and feeds chlorine into the pool while your pump is running.

Basic chemicals for pools are: Chlorine, alkalinity, and pH. When your alkalinity and pH levels are balanced, this allows the chlorine to operate more effectively. There are other chemicals needed, but are not necessary to mention here. A test kit is a lot more accurate as opposed to test strips but I would recommend taking a water sample into your local pool shop to have them test it for you. They can also tell you how much of each chemical you need to add.

Hope this helps!

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