Mesh Swimming Pool Covers

mesh swimming pool covers
Automatic pool covers for child safety?

I am moving into a house with a swimming pool in the backyard, and 2 small kids. I wanted to find out any recommendations on automatic covers, what are the pros and cons as compared to the inexpensive mesh covers.
Also are there any dealers in the Bay area, CA, who can come over and provide estimates and help with installation.

Pool safety is a huge issue. The best safety covers you can get are just that, safety covers. They require manual application though but are strong enough to have three adults walk across it without it collapsing. These can be quite expensive, but I personally consider expense to be the very least of any issue when it comes to the safety of my children.

Contact your local pool stores and get some estimates on the safety covers. You will need to have deck anchors inserted if you don’t have any already and it’s best to have this professionally done.

The motion detector/alarm system would be a great deterrent and a wonderful alert system. However, by that time it’s probably too late as the child can get to the water before you can get outside or to the pool. If building a fence make sure it has an automatically locking gate whose latch is 54″ above the ground and that the distance between fencing slats is small enough that you can not pass a 4″ diameter ball between them. This is the standard health and safety regulations on pool fencing for all states here in the US.

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