Opening Pool Chemicals Instructions

opening pool chemicals instructions
Need help with the pool maitenance?

We just bought 15'x4, 4400 gallons above ground pool and all that have to do Add chlorine. We bought at the beginning of this kit should think it would explain step by step what to do and not very useful. He says to 1 "Tablets stabilized in a magazine and circulated by a pump for 1-2 hours to add. But it does not say how many tablets I should begin. 1? 10? 30? I do not want to get the chlorine level to 10 or something. The pH value is in order. The height should be 1-3ppm. As soon as I get a good level I remove the charger? Close and leave it in the pool or allow it to open in the pool? He says once a week maitenance to a shock therapy for routine use, but I know not whether the withdrawal from the charger includes chlorine in the pool or not, it does not say what to do with the charger when you arrive at a good level. Obviously, this is my first time with a pool and I need some very detailed step by step directions on how well chemicals and what to do.

Keep the charger filled in the pool and keep it. Most of these floaties have a dial control variation of the power of chlorine. It is through trial and error to the proper necessary adjustments to maintain your chlorine level at the right level and the range obtained by the number of bathers and weather. To look up your local pool shop. Many Manufacturers of chemicals for swimming pools are useful brochures on Regular pool maintenance that should be free. They are promoting their own products, of course, but aside from that the advice they contain is generally for most pools.

How To Open A Swimming Pool – Part 2 of 2 – Explaining Pool Chemicals.