Pool Chemicals Balancing Help

pool chemicals balancing help

my pool water was perfectly clear and balanced, when i did my weekly dose of shock i noticed that we had a bag of shock sitting outside, the pack was opened on the end, and you could tell the package was faded by the sun, but i thought to myself “pool chemicals are expensive, i’ll just use this bag, while i can”

so i added that old bag of shock to my pool, and immediately after adding it my pool water was cloudy around the area i added the shock, within about an hour, the whole pool turned cloudy!!! i dont know what to do, its only been a couple of hours since i added it but i have no clue why it would turn cloudy like that. i tested the water a couple of hours after, and the levels are all good, except chlorine, which is VERY high (as you would expect after shocking it).

anyone here know what i should do??

Usually if a pool goes cloudy immediately after adding shock, the culprit is a high organic load. That pool desperately needed the sanitizer. The cloudiness is actually gas bubbles formed as the chlorine goes to work oxidizing a high volume of organics.
If that’s the case, it will resolve itself as the organics complete gassing off.
I rather doubt it was a problem with the opened packet of shock itself.
The other possibility is a reaction with a chemical that you’d previously put in the pool. You don’t mention any , so my money is on the organic load if this is a traditionally chlorinated pool.

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