Pool Chemicals Bleach Baking Soda

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questions on quick set pools with chemicals?

I have read you can use baking soda and bleach? How does that work compair to buying chemicals? What is the best way to keep a pool with sparkeling blue water? I have a quick set pool that is 12 x 36 thanks
thanks! Oh the pool shocker, you use it once a week right? Do you mix the whole bag or just part of the bag?

I have had 3 of the pools in the last 8 years..bleach will eat the blue patterns off of the bottom liner and can eat the rubber up in the small pump..They sell a bromide tablet dispenser for around 4.00 and a large jar of the tablets for around 10.00..a large jar lasts 2 seasons easily, and after said and done, iss cheaper than bleach without doing damage to your pump…

Sodium HypoChloride+Brake Fluid