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pool chemicals earth
Cloudy pool water…Help!?

My pool pump went out and after 3.5 weeks, the motor finally came in and was replaced. But now my water is super cloudy. I can’t even see the bottom of the pool.

I did everything the pool guy said to do to get it back to normal with little results. It is not green and the chemicals are just right (I took in a water sample to the local pool supply). We cleaned out our filter and added diatomaceous earth. The water is still cloudy.

Where do I go from here? I am lost….I am looking for any and all suggestions!

Emptying the pool is OUT of the question…there has to be a way to get the water clear without doing that!

i own a pool company and what you need to do is get a bottle of water clairifier walk around pool pouring in clairifier save some to pour in skimmer near pump let pool run 24 hours.this will cler it up.but let me know jldailey2000@yahoo.com

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