Pool Chemicals Problems

pool chemicals problems
First time pool owner, just had a professional open the pool today. They put all the necessary chemicals in .

and turned on the sand filter system, but they noticed that my gauge was bad, it was not giving an accurate readout so they told me to get a new one, problem is they didn’t tell me how to install the new one. so now the trouble begins…

WIth the filter and pump running, I unscrewed the gauge to install the new one, well water came gushing out the little hole, so with the filter and pump still running, I foolishly turned the filter lever from “filter” to “waste” to “closed”, thinking it would stop the water so I could install the new gauge. Well, it didn’t work turn the water off.

So then I found out how to turn the filter and pump off. water stopped coming out the gauge hole and I installed the new gauge successfully. But now, the water pressure coming out of the jets in the pool that is circulating the water is weak on about half of the jets in the pool.

I found out that I damaged the gasket inside the filter lever, so i replaced that but no success. Please help!

Call the pool man and tell them you need serious help. Tell him to stay until its fixed this time. Give him a little extra tip and he will hook you up.
Good luck
(PS, next time read the instructions or ask for help BEFORE you try to do it yourself *Smile*)

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