Pool Covers Georgia

pool covers georgia
pool and spa therapy, for reasons?

ik a man from Georgia who has insurance to cover much of the cost of putting on pool in the field … because of back problems. Also someone who kno a whirlpool installed and most of these costs was also covered by your insurance, but the reason was for the knees. I dissinigrating discs in the back (sry for bad spelling) and buldging discs in my back. I JRA also (Juvenille Rheumatoid Arthritis). I workout with little or no relief with any of these problems and medications do not work. If someone knows how to get insurance company to do this on my b very grateful! Web sites that also helps. Please and thank you very much!

Dang sounds as if the body is down the tubes like mine is LOL. Ask your doctor will give you a prescription for a hot tub. Then turn the script into your insurance company. We can resist, but if the doctor says you need, you should be able to oppose successfully. Hmm where is the hot tub party? LOL

Buffalo in my pool 10.23.10 in the North GA Mtns