Pool Covers Nevada

pool covers nevada
what can i cover my turtle pond(in Nevada) with for warmth?

I put a kiddie pool in the ground in our back yard. My red ear slider has lived there since last spring.
The weather is now getting cold. I bought 2 – 75 gallon heaters. They supply enough heat in the water,.
What can I cover the pool with to keep the heat in?
I still want him to be able to get in and out , in case he decides he wants to hibernate
I cant bring him in doors, but i want to make sure he s safe.

I would be reluctant to offer any protection to this pond during the winter, so long as it doesn’t freeze over. You may interfere with the natural hibernation process.

It seems that winters in Nevada can be prolonged and temperatures in some parts can fall well below freezing over night and not much above freezing even by day time. Yet there are known to be colonies of feral Red Ear Sliders in some parts of the state.

I would suggest you register with this forum http://www.redearslider.com/forum/index.php?welcome to get help from someone with experience in your part of the world.

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