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pool covers water bags
Please help quickly!?

Okay so my horse got out of the pasture today, which usually isnt a big deal because we live kind of in the middle of nowhere. But we just put the pool cover on and i guess she thought it was solid and stepped in it and fell in the pool. She’s okay, but her leg got a little bumped. Im certain it’s not broken because she is walking on it fine, but its still swelling and is pretty hot. I know to run water on it to numb it every so often, but would it be safe to like leave ice on it tonight? Like wrap a bag of ice around the leg with bandage. Please let me know asap!

Ahh, I would not leave ice on it ALL night, unattended. No. You could put the ice on it for an hour or so and see if it brings the swelling down.
Have you checked the leg all over careful, to make sure there’s no cuts, laserations, etc.
If there are none, then you could try massageing the leg and putting the ice on it for an hour then check it. Keep doing that, checking it every hour or two… but just for safty sake i wouldnt leave it on all night.
You can bet, by posting here on Yahoo Answers that everyone is going to be yelling “CALL A VET”
But I know your kind of situation and a vet isnt nessisarly what you need.
Ofcourse if you have one handy, it would hurt to consult him, but, like you said, you live in the middle of nowhere…
I know what thats like.
If the swelling gets worse by morning, I would call a vet, ask him what to do, or ask him to come out and see your horse.

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