Pool Covers New Zealand

pool covers new zealand
Does this make you sick or what?

Today I was at the local swimming pools in the changing rooms, and I was doing my hair in the mirror and behind me I saw a woman holding a naked baby, maybe 15-18 months old. The boy could not even have been two. Anyway, I did a double take because his bottom was literally BLUE. It was absolutely covered in bruises and there were all these red marks like the mother had just smacked him. It made me feel so sick and if I was an adult I would have definitly said something to the mother…because it’s one thing to spank a child for discipline but this was ABUSE. You could not see ANY un-bruised skin on this kid’s bum. There is an anti-smacking bill in my country (New Zealand) which makes the situation even worse. What do you guys think about this?
@Rosey: No, the mother and child were not maori, they were Asian.

Mongolian spots???

You would’ve freaked if you had seen any of my kids behinds then. All 5 of my girls butts and lower backs were blue, very blue when they were young. They weren’t bruises at all, although they looked like it. My youngest is almost two and hers has faded(as they do with age) but her butt is still a faint blue.

As for the red marks…maybe she had spanked him but you can’t be for sure if you did not see it.

What race was the child? Mongolian spots are very common in non-white children.
I’m pretty sure this is what you saw. I doubt someone who put true bruises on their children would be showing them for all to see. If you would have seen my kids bums and said something to me, you would have gotten a quick lesson and a not so nice one.

For all the other people who were so quick to answer and say that the mother was some horrible person…
Check out the info and picutres:


Maybe people will be more informed and not judge someone without knowing next time.

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