Pool Maintenance Annual Cost

pool maintenance annual cost
annual Pool maintenance ?

I am looking to buy house built in 1967. It has a heated in ground pool. I know NOTHING about pools. How much do they cost per year? Are they a pain? This house is in South East Ohio, so, there’s lots of winter. It looks like its in good shape, but is there anything I should look for?


Was the pool also built in 1967 ? Steel wall pools will rust out over time. Gunite or shotcrete pools can also crack, but are repairable. If you live in Ohio, then this pool has to winterized every year. The water has to be blown out of the lines and filled with an antifreeze solution, otherwise serious damage will occur. The filter and heater also have to drained and winterized. The pool should be covered to keep leaves and critters form getting in. Pool heaters are expensive to run, in the neighborhood of $200 a month or more. Your pool chemistry is important. Chlorine, algaecide, PH adjusters, and other chemicals are constantly needed to keep your water clean and clear. Yeah, there fun, but definitely a big expense. When I lived in NJ, I worked for a pool company and every year we would fill in 2 or 3 pools . People do tire of them.

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