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pool maintenance australia
What are good plants to put around a pool?

I think again the landscape around my pool because it is only wild and hard work. But I am not good with plants and I have to find a good depth and plant care. I live in Australia so that plants adapt to hot climates would be even better. I ask what plants are needed to help maintain the best and easier. ps am also looking for a clean urban look. I just thought id put up small shrubs and bushes thin, but I do not know the names of them. if people could post links to these types of shurb your id a happy happy girl. Thank you

1Consider plant pot, easy to maintain, replace and rearrange are. Another advantage is that frost-sensitive plants in pots can be moved inside for the winter and outside in the spring. Step2Plant trees and shrubs that hang over the pool not because almost all types of stamens, petals – Drop something into it. Step3Forgo plants with roots destructive. Mulberry and poplar are a taboo subject for this reason. Messier Step4Move plants, so that the tips of the branches at least 8 feet from the pool. Step5Note leaving a shorter plant and flower petals are less likely to get caught by the wind blow in the pool. Options include ornamental grasses as Ophiopogon, Liriope and grass and small shrubs such as nandina girls' Harbour Dwarf and Dwarf Yaupon holly. Step6Choose trees and bushes (maple, forsythia, etc.) that lose their leaves in a short period and can be cleaned. Crepe myrtles are a bad choice because their flowers for months (staining the sidewalk) fall and the leaves fall in autumn. Feces of fruit trees are also a problem. Step7Avoid to pests and disease of plants. You do not want spraying Toxins found in the pool. Step8Try choose plants that do not require much cutting. It can be difficult to reach branches hanging over the deep end. Step9Avoid conifers such as pines and oaks, even if they seem like an obvious choice. In fact, they tend to drop needles, leaves, pine cones, flowers and acorns (as pool decks and Sidewalks spot) for months. Hollies are a better choice for conifers, but not taken a sort stickery pool where the children can be injured emotional release. Step10Be certainly not at all the plants near the pool with space stickery thorns or leaves or bark. Yucca Drive (also known as Spanish Bayonet), pear, Pyracantha (also known as the burning bush) and the Chinese ultra-prickly holly is one of the no-nos. Step11Avoid plants that attract biting insects. Bumblebees flock of Salvia greggii, For example, it should not be used. Step12Note perennials have more messy than a year, so you can be closer to the annual pool. Begonias and coleus are two good options. to block Step13Ensure privacy by carefully building a large lattice or arbor to pedestrians or the view from the window of a neighbor. Good for the vines to a trellis or arbor are not invasive coral honeysuckle ("Gold Flame 'is a variety) and Carolina jasmine.

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