Pool Maintenance Certification

pool maintenance certification
how do i become a maintenance man for apartment complex?

I am a female 21. currently a manager in the food industry but i am very interested in working as a maintenece woman for an apartment complex.

I don’t have any current knowledge of what the job would require but i am interested in the following:

Fixing apartments after renters move out. Like learning drywall, painting, fixing things.
yard work. Filling/draining/ upkeep to pools.

What other duties do maintenance men come across?

What certifications do you need or would be helpful. How would i learn this stuff so i would be able to land a job. Would it be harder for me to get one since i am a woman?

If you are one do you enjoy it?

I am also very interested in real estate. I want to buy houses and fix them up and sell them. There just isn’t a market for that right now and i figure this would be pretty similar to what i want to do.

Also what are the wadges. I know usually free rent but what is the pay also?

I manage 24 apartments and a few homes, including the maintenance and repairs. Overall, the most repetitious repair has got to be toilets (mainly float valves and clogs) and garbage disposals (unclogging and unfreezing). Drywall is usually patching holes, not replacing entire sheets, so mud and tape talents are appreciated.
HVAC certification is always good. A lot of apartments contract with a local heating and cooling business because most maintenance people are simply not qualified to repair heating/cooling units other than changing out thermostats.
I picked up repair knowledge over time just by diving in and figuring it out (not always by choice!), but I always leaned towards getting-my-hands-dirty and figuring out how things worked kind of stuff. You could try talking to maintenance workers to see if they’d hire you on as a part-time helper. That would enable you to pick up knowledge while keeping your current job. Check out places like Home Depot – they actually have little mini-classes on minor repairs in electrical and plumbing. Libraries have all kinds of home repair made simple books to get you familiar with basic repairs and maintenance such as changing light switches and receptacles, cleaning sink traps, repairing leaks, replacing washers, faucets, etc.
When I was young and driving my Dad crazy asking millions of why questions, he’d tell me to keep my mouth shut and my eyes and ears open. He’d also tell me if I studied something long enough I could figure it out. He was right.
I love my job. Most of the time. Being a woman didn’t make it hard to get the job, but it amazes me still how some react to a woman with her own tools!
If you lived close I’d be more than happy to teach you what I know, but since you don’t – feel free to contact me with further questions.
Hope this helped. Best of luck to you.

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