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Above ground pool maintenance?

Hello! Husband and I just bought a house and the owners have left my previous, a huge above-ground pool. It is already established, is not just completely and I think that is next to the pump. My husband and I have never heard before any type of pool, but I want it now completed and, what is needed. Is there a company that can help us? We do not know the first thing about filling and pool maintenance!

I want to know what brand is the pool and buy a pump from ebay. You can also see if you ask the previous owners when they purchased the pool. If you have only one pump should not be difficult to be replaced. Regarding the interview go to a pool store and ask for help. They give you advice on chemical products you need. You will need chlorine tablets, Shock is the same as liquid chlorine bleach that you actually add to your pool every few weeks and a ton cheaper. I found that works clarifier super! It holds your soo clear water! These are the main "ingredients" that I use for my pool every year. But if you have a algae problem after filling Your pool or something you obviously need the right chemicals to get it. If the pool is completely empty at the moment I come in and make sure there are no Cracks in the lining. Tears are easier to find if the pool is no water in it. If you find small holes, you can buy a repair kit at your local hardware or any other place like Wal-Mart. If you notice, you lose water when you fill the pool, there are patch kits that work great for that. Glue with water to cure! Right now I have seem a filter on my pool pump above ground, but that the sand pumps are easier to clean. You only empty them, where, as with the Remove filter and clean or you have to buy new ones. So, if this option you can review the advantages and disadvantages of a sand pump vs pump filter.

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