Pool Maintenance Hard Water

pool maintenance hard water
hard math word problem. Help please?

A pool must be drained for maintenance. The pool is shaped cylinder with a diameter of 10m and a depth of 1.5 meters. If water from the pool at a rate of 13m ^ 3 per hour, how many hours pumping it take to drain the pool? Use the value of 3.14 for π and round your answer to the next hour. Please

The formula for the volume of a cylinder is 2Πr ^ 2 + bh A cylinder is 2 Circles and a rectangle, so you add together the two volumes. Diameter is 10, and r is the radius, the half of this type is 5 Connect it to the area bases 2Π cylinder (25) found = 50Π The base of the rectangle on the cylinder diameter of the circle is 10 and the height is 1.5, the height always perpendicular to the ground. The area of ​​the rectangle is bh, 10 * 1.5 = 15 So if you add together the base and lateral surface of the rectangle, of which: 15 50Π Then plug in pi, which is the whole volume of the cylinder. 1570 15 = 1585m ^ 3, since the rate is 13 m ^ 3, you simply divide the cylinder volume, speed, with you so (1585m ^ 3) / (13m ^ 3) = 121.92, the answer would be approximately 121.92 hours.

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