Pool Maintenance High Chlorine

pool maintenance high chlorine
The water in the pool is positive green … What to do?

My younger sister got above ground pool for his birthday about a month and a half. Since we have put in water we have had nothing but trouble with. I realize we do not know much when it comes to maintenance of water, we never have a pool of this Size before heard. A few weeks ago, we have salt in the pool because the water was a little yellow, and it worked until a few days in order. We bought a test kit pH and the pH is 8.4, which is much too high. There is no free chlorine in the pool, and total alkalinity is about 210, which is also far too high. We are really confused, what to do. We live in a city of 35,000 people, but there is no place here, that advice can not provide pool maintenance, and we hunted everywhere. I think the only thing to do is to fill all empty and do not reflect what will certainly be my little sister excited. If someone can help me here?

How big is the Pool? How deep and what is the diameter? If it is small, it is very difficult things in balance. We had an above-ground spa, and find it easier to replace the water every few weeks. We have swimming pools and volumes, it is easier to keep things in balance of chemicals. Quick, you have to shock the pool …. again if they are large enough. Order online. Called Shock Pool. A bag, dump trucks, run the filter overnight, and bam, you're done. In all my years of pool care, I have never heard of adding salt. I'll help more if you want, I know the size.

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