Pool Maintenance Ph

pool maintenance ph
Maintenance of newly converted salt water pool?

We have just had our pool pebblecreted and converted to salt water. In addition, we have had the Zodiac Tri Chlorine Generator and Ph upgrade system installed. Prior to this conversion we had a marblesheen/lite chlorine pool. I am finding it hard to believe that the maintenance is so minimal on this pool with the new system, and am hoping that I am not forgetting anything. I get the pool water tested every fortnight (summer) and just add what the report tells me to. Apart from leaf and debris removal I do nothing to the pool now. It completely runs itself. Am I forgetting something??? It seems too easy!

Pools have great new stuff and with them come more problems. If you don’t have hard water then you should be ok for a long time, if you do your chlorine gen. will be the first to act up, PH is the big dog in the pool so take care of that 1st and get a good salt/test kit, water to hot or cold and it won’t make chlorine. Pool company’s are in sales they may have left some news you can use out so read everything on each equipment installed, good luck

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