Pool Maintenance Help

pool maintenance help
I would greatly appreciate maintenance advice about Pavers by a Florida pool!?

My husband and I chose pavers for our deck about 10 years ago, when we had our pool installed. I wanted to immediately seal them, but my husband insisted we didn’t.

Pavers were fairly new then, when we went with a cobblestone pattern that has about 1/2″ of sand grout in between each individual paver. We have found this is extreemely difficult to maintain.
The staining is not to bad, but the black/brown moldy gunk that grows in the sand between the pavers is a constant pain!

Every year we must pressure wash and re-sand. We still cant get rid of it all. Also, it takes us a good 2 days, all day, to complete the task.

I think that we could still put sealer on a freshly cleaned deck and it would help to reduce the rapid growth of this moldy yuck. My hubby says it only protect the pavers against stain.

I would really appreciate ANY input from an experienced paver source! I am disgusted by the look it gives of dirty grout!

Thank you in advance,

a product at Home Depot called “slippery black” would be my recommendation to use in conjunction with the pressure washer to remove the yuck. Your husband is correct that sealing the grout/pavers will not keep the mold from growing, it will seal up a lot of those open areas in between sand and grout and in pavers that give the mold more room to grow. Basically the benefit of sealing the area would be to cut down on the surface area where the algae/mold can grow, thus not so much of it, and easier to clean up.

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