Swimming Pool Covers Usa

swimming pool covers usa
Is there any swimwear I could wear to go swimming in a pool which will cover up the stretch marks on my boobs?

I’m not fat (UK size 8, USA size 4) it’s just my boobs are 32E and have stretch marks mostly on the top half (if you were looking at a clock face, my right which is your left would appear to you to have them between 10 o’clock and 3 o’clock, and my left which is your right would have them between 8 o’clock and 2 o’clock, both covering the top bits). So is there any swimwear which would cover this up? Cheers. I am very self conscious about them 🙁
Also I’m 18
Well can you give me a link then instead of being deliberately unhelpful in order to get an easy 2 points?

For an all in one swim suit, maybe something like this (a straight/square neck line): http://www.simplyswim.com/products/Speedo/PremiereTank1Piece-BlackandBerry.aspx

I too have stretch marks on my breasts, in the same areas you describe. I am going to buy the above swimsuit, I know it isn’t attractive! but to be honest, all I am doing is swimming in a pool for exercise not to model.

Or, like the above answerer said, try a strapless swimsuit/bikini. A bit like this: http://www.very.co.uk/foil-print-bandeau-swimsuit/656997470.prd?browseToken=%2fb%2f1757%2fq%2fstrapless+swimsuit&trail=1589-1757&prdToken=/p/prod1582869-sku2359252

I am a 34G (UK size) bra size, so finding a swimsuit that will fit my breasts isn’t easy! so personally I couldn’t wear a strapless swimsuit, I’d definitely need straps to provide extra support in my bust area.

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