Swimming Pool Maintenance Cloudy

swimming pool maintenance cloudy
Do fibers in t-shirts cause pool water to get dirty and/or cloud up?

I was swimming in mycomplex’ pool with my son and brothers as I usually do in a t-shirt and shorts. The new head maintnence guy comes in and says that we can’t be in the pool with our t-shirts on because the fibers in the shirts get in the pool water and clog up the drain and cause the pool water to get cloudy. I always assumed that was caused by cosmetics,sunscreen and body fluids, not t-shirts! Where did that come from? Is that true or not, because I’d like to know so that I can send it to the head maintenance guy so I can go back in the pool, because I will not wear (or be forced) a bathing suit at a public pool and now I can’t even wear a t-shirt there either….please help…

You should be able to wear a white tee shirt. Colored shirts can mix with the chlorine ( i don’t remember the exact explanation but it was explained when I was a lifeguard years back.)..and don’t wear denim or cut offs..guarantee you will get yelled at for that. The threads from the shorts can loosen of your shorts and get caught in the filters.

What about wearing one of those bathing suit cover things they make now.

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