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swimming pool maintenance expert
Pool Maintenance Help!?

Hello everyone, I hope you can help me with my project. This is my new home and I need some advice. Let's start with the way my pool. The concrete is cracked and there is grass growing between the two. This leads us to the pool, where all has concrete around the pool as well as cracks. When you pull all the weeds is tedious and takes too long. Talking About fence. The fence is boring. What color should I paint? It is also slightly inclined to the other side. As solvent I this problem? The garden is covered. I am not an expert gardener and I'm not sure what the weed and what is to be there. As I know, and what can I do? Finally, there is no outdoor lighting. I would swim in the night so the lighting was better. If it can provide great outdoor lighting? Please help … Advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hello, If the concrete is cracked around the pool and weeds will not stop coming in between. You can check Pulling up and put another case by a bridge and around the pool itself. You can search for ideas in books or watch online. Many landscapers use their images on site to give ideas, what they can do. My husband is a hardscape and his website is a lot of photos of his work and maybe you can get an idea of what is working in your garden. www.pridelandcare.com. You can look at places like Home Depot for outdoor lighting kits. You can really show your swim in court and the decorative lighting for the night. Hope this helps!

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