Swimming Pool Maintenance Jobs

swimming pool maintenance jobs
Be tied down to a swimming pool the entire weekend? or Quit this job?

I started as an asst manager January 2007 working Friday-Sunday. I was not told that in the summer, i would have to check the pool chemicals and close the pool at 5pm & 9pm, which is after my scheduled shift.
March 2008, I moved to another complex, but I’m still the assistant at the old complex. Its summertime again, and I’m running back and forth throughout the day to check the pool. The manager and maintenance guy live on site, but they say since i work weekends, its my responsibility….even though they’re home. Should I leave this job?Friday I’m off at 1pm, then i have to go back at 5pm and 9pm. saturday and sunday im off at 5pm and i have to go back at 9pm. I’ll loose about $200 every two weeks if i stop doing the pool. its stressful because it runis my fun time. movies, hanging out, and going to the mall is ruined because i always have to come back. and i have to be RIGHT ON TIME. Should I stay or quit?

Find another job. It sounds like you’re given more responsibilities than you what you might be paid for. The question isn’t for us to decide whether or not you should stay, the question to you is, Is it worth your trouble to go back and fourth if you aren’t being compensated for it, and if you don’t want to go out of your way?