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Swim test HELP! 10 points?

Hey, I agree with the rowing team from my school and we had a swim test. I can not enough swim well enough and fast, but the teacher requires us to swim in the lake and 100m TRED are held for 15 minutes-7.5 minutes we we need a lifejacket in the water down. My great problem is that I do not know how the water for this time TRED, sure I can come up with one or two minutes, but not 7.5 minutes. I had no Time to practice, because it is right after school and tomorrow is our local swimming pool closed for maintenance. Can someone give me a technique that I practice without can use tomorrow (in the past I have only a doggy paddle me rather quickly tired) to help all the answers, 10 points!

together with a lifejacket u do not need much effort to float water TRED what I do, my legs, and suddenly, when I drop a few I'm going to use my arms to lower start real hard and brings me again, or I simply down my arms like a zig-zag, which is very helpful

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