Swimming Pool Maintenance Winter

swimming pool maintenance winter
How to persuade my parents into getting a pool?

We used to have a reaaalllly big above ground pool but we got it taken down because my parents said we never swam in it.. but we swam in it all the time… So im trying to persuade them to get a blowup above ground pool. they are around $200 and ive been telling them that it wouldnt be any maintenance during the winter because you can just take it down… but my mom gets super annoyed when you ask her things a million times.. she’s already getting sort of annoyed. Im planning on asking when my dad gets home…. but i have no idea what to say and i need some help please please help me.

Two hundred dollars may not seem like a lot of money to you, but your parents may be worried about having enough money to pay the rent or mortgage, to pay for clothing, to pay for food, to pay for medical and dental care, to make car payments, and so on. A pool is a luxury. These other things are necessities.

If a pool is that important to you, then you should earn the money to pay for the pool and all the maintenance expenses that go along with it such as the chemicals.

Your parents may also be concerned about the liability. If a neighbor drowns in the pool, your parents could be sued.

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