Swimming Pool Products Australia

swimming pool products australia
I just found the most interesting website….?


They sell perfume and cologne in smells that most people love, but you would NEVER expect to find as something ou can wear!…. such as rain, bubble gum, cocktail even swimming pool (im guessing smells like chlorine)
I thik this is really cool but I am in Australia and the postage cost is quadriple what the actual product cost and Im worried Ill buy one I hate when I smell it!
But does anyone else think this is a great idea!? or has anyone possibly smelt any of them that you can recommend!?? Smells activate memories quite often for me and it would be nice to smell something from happy times on days when Im in a bad mood =)

I’ve never tried any of these scents, but thank you very much for the site!!

This reminds of my Bertie Botts Every-Flavor Beans from Harry Potter, except with perfumes; I thought of that when you mentioned a swimming pool scent, lol.

I will say buyer beware, though!

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