Tresemme Heat Protection Spray

tresemme heat protection spray
What shampoo and conditioner will help repair breakage?

My hair has gotten extremely broken from using my straightener pretty much everyday. I’ve used Garner fructose length and strength products. recently, i’ve bought Tresemme heat protection spray. I’ve heard Tresemme products will make your hair silky, however i don’t remember from using it in the past.

What shampoo and conditioner should i use for repairing hair, and making it silky smooth.

Is there any products to add to the shampoo and conditioner as well?

Well, for starters, your hair is dead, so any damage you’ve done to it isn’t really going to go away and all these shampoos that advertise vitamins and whatnot aren’t any better than the ones that don’t.

That being said, there are products on the market that can tame and/or reduce the breakage but it can’t really be fixed. Tresemme is a good buy, their products are good quality at a reasonable price (and their heat tamer spray is one of the best available on the market, in my opinion … I’ve used the $60 stuff and the $4 stuff. I prefer the $4 stuff). As far as shampoo and conditioner are concerned, if you’re willing to spend more give the L’oreal Vive Pro a try (but keep in mind you’ll be paying about $7 a bottle for each shampoo and conditioner). Also, use a leave in spray to detangle before you brush out your hair after washing (to reduce further breakage).

Overall, if the damage is that bad, it’s time to get a haircut and start over again. Use your straightener sparingly in the future …

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