Wal Mart Pool Chemicals Prices

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Pool Liners — Beaded to Overlap (no question…just some FYI info)?

We were having lots of trouble keeping our pool clean last summer and spent hundreds in chemicals with very little success. This year, we decided to buy a new liner to see if that would help. We ordered the liner, but didn’t open it until we were ready to install it…at which time, we noticed we had mistakenly ordered an overlap instead of a beaded…which is what our old one was (beaded). We called around and asked if we could use the overlap…if it would work the same. Our local pool specialist told us YES!! Yay! Since we had the correct size for our pool, all we had to do was remove the top railings, overlap the liner on the side, use our beaded track on top of the liner to hold it snug in place, and put the railings back on. It’s working like a charm…at a much cheaper price too!! In addition to the new liner, all we use is a 4-in-1 shock treatment DAILY (1/2 scoop), along with a disposable floating chlorinator ($19.99 @ wal-mart)…and our pool absolutely SPARKLES!!

Thanks. Were do you get the 4 in one? Is it expensive? I’d like to get some. We have a floating clorinator for tablets, will that work?
thanks again.

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