Choose Just The Right Gift For The Hens Party Or The Bride-To-Be

If you’re after a fun and fabulous hens venues Melbourne you’ve come to the right place. As summer approaches and bridal season is here, it is likely that you will be invited to the traditional bridal shower. Some ladies prefer a more relaxed style for the bridal celebration. The bridal shower, whether relaxed or formal, is truly a “Hens Party” because hens are hens, regardless of the atmosphere in where they kept. The new bride-to-be will need many new things to set up housekeeping, and the hens are a dedicated bunch ready to help her!

 Hens are those female friends and family members who are invited to celebrate the nuptials of a new bride-to-be. Gifts are brought for the new couple, and light refreshments are served. The gifts may range in price and purpose. For instance, guests with a smaller budget may purchase a cleaning bucket and fill it with needed cleaning supplies, all for just a few bucks at the local discount store. More upscale hens’ budgets may provide selected pieces of china and crystal of the couple’s choosing. Some hens love to provide needed household items such as sheets, cookware and small kitchen appliances. Two or more hens may pool their money to purchase a larger item such as a microwave or vacuum cleaner.

 And as always, there will be a few hens who love to give gifts a little more on the risque side: a naughty negligee or bra and panty set.

 A routine hens party usually include the celebration of birthdays of the hens. For example, I know of one hens group that meets every Tuesday. On the first Tuesday of the month, the hens celebrate all birthdays for that month. So several hens may be the focus of attention for that particular party. The birthday gift bags, large and small, are recycled. Many fun objects are given and enjoyed for years to come. Each hen is encouraged to bring gifts designed especially for each birthday girl, I mean, hen.

Some great ideas for hens party gifts and for the bride-to-be can be focused upon the their hobbies or talents. Perhaps the bride-to-be loves plants. A potted plant or fern tied with a nice bow makes a wonderful gift that can last for many years. Perhaps a birthday girl loves yard work. A nice gift would be a few inexpensive yard or patio decorations that can be picked up at the local hardware store. A nice bag of handy yard tools and work gloves makes a unique and inexpensive gift.

 A hens party can be a rally of support upon the death of a hen’s loved one. The hens may give memory stones, memory photo albums and photo frames at this time of sadness.

 So whether it is a shower given in honor of the bride-to-be, or it is a routine hens party, hens love to give and receive gifts. It is a way to celebrate the passage of womanhood, to pass the torch, so to speak. Like the relationship of mothers and daughters, a mother hen always watches out, protects and teaches the younger hens, no matter what stage of life she may find herself in.