Heat Pro Wood Stove

heat pro wood stove
wood stove or pellet?

wondering the pros and cons of wood and pellet stoves for supplemental heating home is about 2000sq ft 2 floors ceiling fans and vents

The real question here is your need for convenience, how much labor you want to invest, reliability and the potential for savings.

Pellet stoves are certainly convenient and require little labor, but you are still buying fuel in the form of pellets or shelled corn which will substantially reduce your energy savings. They are however, less reliable than a straight wood stove because of their additional complexity which can and will reduce your net savings.

Wood stoves will require that you either buy wood, or if you have access, cut and split yourself which is labor and time intensive and requires equipment, another investment.

If your home is reasonably efficient, it isn’t easy to save money on heating by changing your energy source without inputting another form of energy in this case, your labor.

As the old saying goes, heating with wood warms you twice, once while you cut, split, haul and stack and then again while your burn it.

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