Intex Pool Covers 12′

intex pool covers 12'
Did I add too much hydrochloric acid in my pool water?

Hello, after my return to 12'ft 36 "deep well (about 2000-2050 liters?) Tests Intex pool alkalinity were made outside the letter of my band with zero enrollment chlorine and everything else within acceptable limits, I called my local store told me to add swimming pool 61 / 2 gallons of hydrochloric acid. I had 12 vessels, equivalent to 6 liters. After some reading online, it seems that most people add only about 3 ounces of things, but after have tested this morning, it appears that the pH is 6.4 or less; CYA is less than zero, and alkalinity is around 120. Chlorine Hardness 0200 more since I was afraid to put the pool cover in all acids – the surface of the water like a large number of parcels of grain, with insects that float on top. What do I do now?

The pH is low now because of the acid should be 7.2 to 7.6, alkalinity is high enough to be 90 to 120, or should some chlorine …. This was before reading or add all the acid …. Like 12 cups more than 2 or 3 is normal to wear things, but …. add chlorine first and nothing else for now … chlorine readings will change …. Add a gallon of water bleach, for now, and some tablets

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