Pool Chemicals Bulk

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maintaining a swimming pool?

How to maintain swimming pool to keep them clean and prevent waterborne disease?

I’m an in-ground pool owner. Start by taking a water sample to a reputable pool supply store and have them test it for you. Sure, they want to sell you chemicals but they also provide advice. In the summer, when there’s lots of sunlight, the chlorine in your pool will decline. It does the same thing when lots of rainwater gets in the pool. I keep bulk shock and chlorine tablets on hand all year. Depending on what the water sample tests, I can add chemical when necessary. I also use an anti phosphate product once a week to prevent algae growth. Clean or backwash your filters at least once a month to keep debris from being trapped in there. Check your skimmers and pool sweep frequently, and empty them when necessary. After a while you’ll learn what your regular maintenance schedule should be and you won’t have to test as often.

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