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Which pool store is correct? Leslie’s Pool Supply or Pinch-A-Penny ??

Leslie’s tells me NOT to use the Liquid Chlorine (for Shock) because it is like 25 lbs. of Salt…They told me that my pool was too concentrated with chemicals and that I need to drain 2 feet from my pool and add 2 feet of CLEAN water back in and then re-test the water. Leslie’s Pool tells me to use the Chlorine Tablets and that here in Florida, we are the only state that even sells Liquid Chlorine in 2.5 Gallon re-fillable jugs…They told me everywhere else they sell it only in 1 gallon bottles (non-reusable bottles)

Pinch A Penny told me that Leslies in incorrect regarding the liquid chlorine and that Liquid Chlorine is indeed BETTER then the Chlorine Tablets (for shock)

Any pool experts willing to chime on in?

Thanks in advance!!!

Leslie’s wants to sell you their chemicals. Liquid chlorine sodium hypochlorite 12.5% is used to treat pools just about forever. It is unstabilized and if you want it to live longer use cyanuric acid 20ppm to protect it from the Ultra Violet Rays of the sun. SHC mixes very well with water and makes an excellent shocking and maintenance chlorine. Drawbacks, it will lose effectivness when stored in the sun or hot places.

Chlorine tablets can be trichlor, stabilized or calcium hypochlorite unstabilized. Trichlor will accumulate 7ppm/pound/10,000 gallons Cyanuric Acid and quickly build to 100ppm and require drainage and replacement of water to dilute CYA. Cal hypo contains 1/2 calcium and will over calcify your pool 4ppm/pound/10,000gallons.

Pick your poison! Why did Leslies say to drain your pool? CYA or Calcium?

Check Home Depot or Lowes for SHC but at 10% still a better value and get only what you need to use in the following week or two max.

Get a good test kit and only go to Leslies to verify they are in the business of selling chemicals period and quite a few say the information received was suspect at best!

You’re welcome!!

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