Pool Chemicals Metal Remover

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USE IN Remover pool metal?

We have well water and our iron content in the pool under floor up high and make an orange, when we bought water, without chemical called metal used to it, but say the bottle, how long to wait before the addition of other chemicals … Suggestions?

You must , Wait about 24 hours, just to make to … But with most chemicals, you can directly in. .. with acid or even shock. dissapate chemicals in the water, and it is not harm, you will. but you to tell the truth, you have probably lost your money. Metal-Free is a great product, but if you on well water and the copper concentration Iron is high, and you have to put water in your pool, then you are basically losing $ 35. High copper and iron phosphate is high (food for algae), but the next Time I would recommend buy phosphate-free by the natural chemistry. You dispose of your organic in the water. there is not much you can on copper and iron in the long run, but. =)

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