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pool chemicals ohio
A pool of questions for those who have swimming pools?

My husband and I are offering a pool of our neighbor who wants to get rid of him, and receives a pelvis. Is 27 'above ground pool, in decent shape. We give free. Except that we need help to move into our yard, and buy a new shirt, and a pump, etc. My question is, is it worth? Yes, a structure of the free pool, but how many total I use it? (Chemicals, operation of the pump, the water bill, etc.) Does my electricity bill sky rocket? How ships at a cost 27 'on average? We live in Ohio too, of course. So use it only in June, July, August Give all the experiences, advice, how much you pay per month, etc. PLEASE! THANK YOU!

I gave a thumbs down response to the second … In short, they not know enough about money. You could have a pool, could be one of these pools Quick Installation Walmart or something, but I'll say … Coaching pool that has dealt with hundreds and hundreds of swimming pools over the past 15 years, no pool can keep the water clear blue only 1 hour of use pump of the day. Cost chemicals based on several factors could cost more than 4.5 hundred dollars more the first year. In short, you have water again, and you'll have to try to turn it into "water of the pool." Next year, the costs should be signifigantly lower but should consider a test Keep your pool water at the beginning of each year to balance the water properly. As for coatings, must watch around for prices. At hundreds and hundreds Options lining. Thus, the background color and design, etc., some models are more expensive than others, and if you get a standard design, ie OnHand, no need to be specially ordered, are likely to spend much less. Electric … You will need a pump / motor, and a filter. You can get sand or filter, the powder requires clean water, sand or water in a sand filter. diatomaceous earth filters, clean the water better than sand filters, sand filters, but does work well .. The filter itself does not require no electricity, but the pump. You will use your pump Buddhas at least 8 hours per day since you have a large pool. And do not let anyone fool you, the performance of your pump at night when energy costs are "inferior" does save money in the long term because they are probably more likely to spend more on chemical costs to not filter the water during the day when the sun beats down on him. Regarding the water, you should consult the Department of water if you are in a system that paid twice for water you must learn about one meter Pool. So if you need to add 10,000 gallons of water, not to be accused of 20,000 gallons, because they know that 10,000 gallons water does not enter the sewer system. I hope this information.

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