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pool products brands
Eco swimming pool at home?

How do make it at home, without buying any “branded” products?

Can you reduce water?

I live where we get lots of rain in the summer time. We installed 8 rain barrels that have filters and when one is full it empties into the next one. We also have a well so we try to use as much rain water as possible.
We rented a back-hoe and dug the depth and shape out. Then we lined the bottom with a few truck loads of sand.
We then lined it with long lasting commercial grade plastic. We edged it natural rocks from our property and also native plants so there would be little up keep.
We put in a over flow pipe so if it get too full the water then runs down and is collected in another barrel for the vegetable garden.
The water trickles in and trickles out constantly.
We have a farm so this looks more like a pond until you get in it and find that it is 6 feet at one end and 4 feet at the shallow in.
We also made natural rock steps to get in and out.

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